What does that red, yellow and purple flag represents?

If you have found a flag like this:
Spain's Second Republic flag

You may be wondering to which country that flag belongs, if it belongs to any country. Then you may search in Google to find out something about Spanish 2nd Republic on 1931 to 1939, and still wonder why people are still making, buying and displaying such an old flag.

Well, the history of the flag is related with the history of Spain itself. In 1931 Spain became a Republic, but the start of the Great Depression on 1929 didn’t make things easy for such a young Republic and on 1936, combined with many other issues a civil war started in Spain pushed by those who had different ideas including the monarchics and wanted to supress any other way of thinking (fascism).

They won the war, helped by Hitler and Mussolini, and started a dictatorship in Spain. Democracy was gone, freedom of speech abolished, the dream was over. 40 years later the dictator died but decided to delegate the power on a king, who, knowing people wouldn’t accept him like that, decided to open the country to a more democratic system.

But many people still insisted on their old Republic, the Second Republic of Spain, and claimed for a Third Republic using the Second Republic’s flag. For many years those were silenced or accused of madness, radicalism, even antipatriotism, but even with such accusations they didn’t surrender and still showed their flags as a way to remind those who tried to silence them that republicans were alive and would ever be.

Now things have changed a lot in just a few years, the crisis combined with lots of political corruption and the king of Spain making huge mistakes has lead to a country where republicans cannot be silenced anymore, their voices resound at any corner, their flags display at every building, people claim for a Republic more than ever since its fall in 1939, many would say this is only due to the financial crisis, but once people become republican they don’t change their minds, they want to choose their head of state, not an inheritor.